Maternity Photoshoot

Let me love you a little more, before you’re not little anymore

Having recently had a baby myself, I realise that being pregnant is such a special time. After 9 long months (it's more like 10) nurturing your growing belly, when the big day finally comes, just like that it's gone!

Capturing the female form is a personal favourite of mine and a pregnancy shoot photoshoot is the perfect way to treasure your life-changing event- it's a lot of fun and makes you feel amazing. You don't need to be a model or a celebrity to embrace your bump on camera. It's my job to show you just how beautiful you are! 

The best time to book your maternity shoot is around 30 weeks, when your bump is at it's prime; has a beautiful round shape and is not too heavy. You will most likely still have some energy in the tank at this point.

Ideal wardrobe should contain a few tight, stretchy options, a flowy dress and if you're up for it your favourite lingerie.

Take a look at this breathtaking photoshoot I did with Elysha. Here she is 38 weeks and glowing like a true goddess.